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Hi Angela! Good morning from Detroit.
We've "met" before (thanks for the advice on the sofa -- i bought it) and I regularly read your blog.
I love to see a mix of slideshows and photos (now that's helpful, I'm sure :) ) and I think it would be great if you talked a bit about yourself, too. Riding a bike while having cocktails! That's the stuff!!

Anyhow, I admire your work, love your blog, and think the brides you photograph are tremendously lucky to have you. Please e-mail me if you want to chat more...


I have been following your blog for sometime now. On the topic of presenting your photos... To tell you the truth I sometimes pass over the slideshow unless I have more time. And no, I don't just come here for the pictures, but I think people could see some of them quicker if they had a few posted and then the option for a slideshow too... Hope this helps.


Hi Angela,

I agree with Jennifer- I prefer to see some individual photos, with a slideshow at the end to see a more in depth overview of the day. I have a ton of blogs I follow, so I like the instant gratification of seeing photos first. To be honest, I only watch video or slideshows on blogs about 10% of the time it's presented.

I'd love to see more personal stuff too! I've been digging your 'things i love' posts. Let us see what's going on in that head of yours! ;)


hi, Angela!
I think I overdo it with too many photos on my blog, so it's kind of refreshing for me to see only a few at a time or a slideshow on yours. That said, sometimes I don't have time for a whole show, too, so I'd love more of your favorites picked out and posted. And I'd love to see/ read more about you, too! :)


I would love to see maybe a few of your favorite images picked out and commented on and then more shots in the slide show format. I just found the blog recently, but the images are fantastic and i really like seeing what you are doing.

Andrea Flanagan

I too have this dilema! But I think I prefer seeing individual images, with a little comment inbetween. Seems more personal that way, I really like your passion for each shot you present. and if I am browsing quickly, sometimes I do not have time to watch the slideshow. But I always surf your site, love your work!!!

Dustin Steller

Hidy Ho from Kansas City! Lovely work!! I am completely new to wedding photography, but look forward to learning by watching masters like yourself.

I use an RSS reader to follow your blog (and many others) and too often skip over the slideshows or don't even see them. I like the pick 3-5 favorites and the rest in a slideshow format idea.

Many smiles!


hi from Canada!

I have to admit that I use a blog feed to read my blogs, so I skip over the slideshows too...

Jessica Del Vecchio

Hi Angela! I love reading your blog. I use my google reader to keep up with all my favorite blogs and the slideshows don't show up so I have to go to the blog to see them and sometimes I don't have the chance. What about a hybrid approach?? Post some and slideshow the rest.


i don't like slideshows...i prefer individual presentation w/ anecdotal captions. but that's because that's how i do it. :-D (which, um...is probably because i prefer that.)


hi Angela-

i have to say visiting your blog since i have found it a week or two ago has become a daily ritual...i have two other photographers that i continue to visit their blogs ritually as well...and than i am always on the browse for the latest advante-garde photographer...lately i have been really interested in Julie Blackmon, Jerry Uelsmann, Susan Stripling and others...anywho i love your work, it fascinates me, and i love the beautiful personalized albums that you create for your clients- they are breathtaking. anyways a bit about myself...i am married (almost one year now!) i spent a year in Vancouver studying film at UBC than moved back to the midwest USA of course, and transferred to UWM Peck School of Arts, both my husband and i love film and photography, he is a computer geek, so it is great to have him around to help a artsy fartsy girl like me to better understand the tech side of things. i have one year left of my degree and i have considered going for a masters but I am not sure, i love both photography of the art world, and commercial, my hopes is to some how bring them together, i love working with people and i am in the middle of starting my own photography business, i love weddings, but i think i want to focus more on children...with a few weddings on your the side..i very much dislike wedding photographers that over book themselves burning themselves out to the point that they no longer enjoy the craft, and all the shots are the same from wedding to wedding...no Bride wants her photos to look the same as the last girl! so i love that you only do so many weddings a year! it makes so much sense to me.

other things...i love avocados, spinach, chocolate & tea! all kinds of tea, and tea sets & pots! i like to read, and i love to listen to music... and one day when i can afford it i want to travel to India..i am infatuated with the culture and the people. oh and i can't spell if i had to save my life.

and about the sideshows...i love the slide shows but i think that it is easier for people to get a feel for the wedding to pick a few fav. pics and than have an option to look at the rest of the favs. in a slide show...i personally think that would be the best option...but it is up to you...i like looking at everything so it does not really matter.

and as far as pictures of you on your bike...that would be pretty cute. that new bike you got looks adorable....very vintage-new! love it, love all things vintage & vintage looking!

well anyways...hope this helps. ;-)



Angela Anderson Photography

Thanks so much for the responses! I know there are a lot more of you hiding out! But I am glad that some came forward and said Hello!

Hello Sinead! I know we have chatted before, so we have "met" but thanks so much for giving me your opinion on the images. I would love to see how you are using the sofa in your space! And thank you so much for your kind words!

Jennifer, I think you are right on the money. Now having read everyone's responses it makes so much sense. I personally even prefer images rather than slideshows, I thought others would be the opposite. Thanks for your response! Are you a photographer as well?

Kim, Oh I love that you love my posts about things I love (haha!). This has so inspired me to keep sharing my love! You know, because you did not sign your last name, I so did not know it was you until I followed the link attached to your name. I was just about to ask you if you were also a photographer! Ha! Hope you got my last email!

Jessamyn! I don't think you share too many on your blog at all. That is one thing (of many) that I really like about your blog. Lots of pretty pictures! I always want to see a ton, but I worry that it makes the page so long! But my thoughts are changing! And I will definitely post more about my silly self. Asap. Including photos of me being a happy bike-owning girl.

Joshua, Will do! I am absolutely changing the way I present things now. Thanks for the awesome compliment!

Andrea, Hey Pictager! Thanks so much for your opinion! As I said earlier, I am so changing the way I present. I really like commenting on the different images and the slideshow makes that impossible.

Dustin. I checked out your site back when you first commented, great stuff! I definitely see some fantastic wedding photography in your future! And I blush at the idea of being a "master"!

Rachel, So good to know! I cannot believe I never thought of that! I read my list of blogs through Google Reader and I never see slideshows either. Duh! Where are you in Canada? I love every place I have ever visited in Canada. I have a serious love-affair with Montreal.

Jessica! We so need to meet in person some time soon. D.C. is not that far! Do you have a blog? I have never seen a link to it.

Gwyneth, fantastic. By the way, love the photo on your website's first page.

Brittany, oh my, another gal who refers to herself as "artsy fartsy." I think that is the most common words I use when I describe myself. I love it! Next year is the first year I will be limiting my number of weddings. I have done over 40 weddings a year for far too long. Part of it is that I want to be at every wedding! It is an addiction! I love weddings. When someone contacts me I hate saying NO because I always get bummed about the possibilities of the photographs from the wedding. But weddings are a lot of work (as the brides will agree!) and very intense, and it is hard with all the pressure to stay creatively open. And also with having so many clients I don't feel like I can give them the attention I want to give them. So limiting my weddings next year is going to be amazing. Every wedding will be such an awesome gift.
I love how much you told me about yourself! That is exactly what I was hoping to get in response from this post!


hi angela! i love your blog and check it very often...it's bookmarked as one of my "favorites." i have several friends whom you have photographed for and we actually met at brittany and patrick's wedding in february. your work is amazing and i aspire to be even as half as good as your someday. that being said, i always look at the slideshows and love to see all the photos. i think it's much easier than putting all the photos on individually. i do agree with everyone else though...i would love to see your favorites (kind of like the hair shots last week) and comment for those. i always love everything else on your blog too....shows me a lot of things i don't see and inspires me to pay more attention to detail in my life. i can't wait to see what you post next! thanks for the inspirations!


hi angela from Toledo ~
(I used to work and pal around with Jenn years ago)
Love your work!!
I prefer the individual images rather than slideshows-too much of a wait (I'm impatient when it comes to bloging).


I love to see the slideshows because so many of your pictures are a work of art! I'm not sure people realize they can just punch through them manually instead of waiting on the slideshow timer. I just punch through them all and it doesn't take long at all. It would be cool to show a couple of your favs with comments and then put the slideshow up for those who want more.
I also just like random blog posts!


Hi Angela!
To be totally honest with you I loved the way you presented your photos WAY back when... (last fall) ...when you had the old site. You used to post just the few photos you really loved on your blog with comments, but for those of us who really wanted a treat we could just go to the place where you had your clients and we could see a beautiful slideshow set to MUSIC! I miss seeing your photos set to music. I've already seen all the ones you have on this site as examples of your work. I know it must take a little more time to do this for each client, but that is what really reeled me in the first time I viewed your work. I wish I could see every wedding you shot set to some cool music you've just discovered. That-I would love to see again.


Hi Angela,

Yes I am... I finally swallowed that big lump in my throat and dived in. I have been following your blog and well as others for sometime now. I have to say that it has been an inspiration. I need to get my own blog going. I can see the benefits... It's just finding the time. I just recently got my site going. I'm looking to start shooting weddings. Need a second shooter????? Anyway, I've been really busy with seniors and portraits and have had great response with my site. I guess time will tell.


Hi Angela,

I'm absolutely in love with your photos! I've hunting around online for local photographers just to see the different styles out there, and I found you- and fell in love with your style! I do some photography when I get the chance, but have been encumbered by lack of equipment, so I haven't been able to do with it what'd I'd like. Your style, however, is very similar to what I strive for.

Anyway, other than praising your work, I wanted to ask you about how far in advance do you require booking? I'm not engaged...yet... ;)

Again, your work is wonderful! and I enjoyed reading how you didn't originally start out in photography, but moved into it later in life.

Keep up the marvelous artwork!



Hello Angela!! I thought I'd finally own up to regularly reading your blog... and loving all your photos. I really enjoy reading your comments when you post up just a few photos, but I finish reading and am still hungry for more!! I love seeing your work in the slide shows, but maybe a bit of both would be good... a few pics as an appetizer, and then a slide show for folks who can sit down for a spell. (Can't wait until the photos you put up are from our wedding!! I still look at our engagement slide show all the time!! Even David talks about how he's going to miss them when they all come down.)

Hope things are going well for you down South!

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