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Oh my gosh! Some of these remind me of gorgeous Hollywood stills. Absolutely fabulous.
I'm sure that the bride was thrilled!
Your work is always so beautiful, Angela.


I LOVE the lighting on the first two. Totally epic!


LAST ONE for new studio!!!!!!!!!!

Wait a minute, will we see the new stuido at Flourish?????


Sinead, thank you! That was definitely the look I was going for (without truly knowing it). I cannot wait to see one of these really big!
Jessamyn, Sometimes luck serves us so well. I love night shoots!
Karen, You bet! I am speeding up the process just so we will be able to use it in time. I am so excited about it I cannot stand it. I will reveal more info soon!

Andrea N

I love the lighting in these! They're absolutely gorgeous, and the building edifice shots are exquisite!! Looking at these gets me so excited, I can't wait to have mine done.

I'd also like to cast another vote for the final one to be in the new studio!


Andrea, I cannot wait for your bridals too!

Where are you now? Texas?

Shawn Reeder

Wow!!!!!!!!! Awesome Angela. Love these.


Thanks Shawn! I loved taking them. Recently I have found studio lighting so fascinating!

Shawn Reeder

You are a master of studio lighting! I LOVE your style. Its so YOU!!

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